Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Father's Day Dad!

17 June 2014

My dear family!

Happy Father's Day Dad!  I miss you and I wish we could just go hiking right now.  I hope you had a great day.  Thanks for being an example to me and helping me become who I am.

I am in the mission office right now, about to meet the Hermana who will be training me for the next three months.  I love President and Hermana Essig.  It was hard to say good bye to everyone at the MTC last night and this morning.  Everyone was waking up at various hours to catch flights.  I don't have a p-day until Monday so I will write you again then. On my mini p-day at the MTC I bought Spanish scriptures at the tiny distribution center there and then walked around to get pictures.

On Thursday we did an endowment session in the Santiago temple in SPANISH!  I am learning how blessed I am to have grown up in Utah surrounded by members and temples and Deseret Book and a giant MTC.  The gospel is the same everywhere but the church is very different.

Have a great week!  Go hiking for me!

                                                              ♥ Eva

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