Friday, October 17, 2014

Praying for healing for Hermana Gomez

at Quinta Normal with Hermanas Gomez, Clark, and Nunez

14 October 2014

Hola familia!

The sad news is I went with my companion so she could see a specialist in Santiago for her knee and they have given her three weeks of rest. We don't have a lot of instruction from the president and I'm kind of confused about what we are supposed to be doing right now. I feel guilty being in the house because I want to be teaching people and I feel guilty being in the street because my companion shouldn't be walking, even though she really wants to work too. The last thing Hermana Videla said was to go to firm appointments. We're visiting the people we know will be home and we're in the house a lot when Hermana Gomez has knee pain. We're kind of following our instincts and the Spirit and when we have interviews soon I will have to bring it up with the President. Also, we are traveling to Santiago twice a week for her physical therapy, which means two hours in a bus to arrive, then the therapy, then two hours to travel back. I don't feel like a real missionary lately but I'm sure there is something I am supposed to be learning or helping with through this process.

One of our investigators finished reading Doctrine and Covenants! His latest doubt is about Christ's visit to the Americas. He has been confusing it with the Second Coming.

We started teaching a woman who has a desire to quit smoking. We gave her the five day plan and she hasn't smoked in several days now. 

The mother I talked about in my last letter came to church!!!!!!!!!! She and her daughter arrived after the sacrament but they came to sacrament meeting! It was a miracle. She usually gives her mother medication at specific times of the day and for that reason hasn't attended yet. This Sunday when we called her at about 9:30 (because church starts at 10) she thought it was 10:30. She had already taken medicine to her mother because the time on her phone had changed and she had woken up and dressed an hour early. We assume her phone changed because of some old daylight savings time but she swears she never keeps it on automatic. She was puzzled but I wasn't. I think it was a miracle because we have been fasting and praying for her. The Primary President was really nice to her daughter and she went to primary while the mother came to the Gospel Principles class. They didn't stay for the third hour but at least they came. She talked to her husband about it and he says he wants to come with them to church next week. We have never even taught him but we will teach their whole family this Wednesday night.

A less active man that Hermana Dodds and I found through his son came to church as well! The son had no idea that his father was baptized years ago. This man has been feeling depressed and alone and like life is not worth living, but we invited him to church and this week he finally came.

You may have noticed there is an article in the Ensign about Chile this month. There is a statistic that one in every thirty Chileans is a member. It may be hard to believe but I think it's true. Recently we taught a lesson with a contact that we thought was an investigator. Halfway through the lesson this woman said, "I was baptized in your church once." She is 39 but was baptized at 15. We have another appointment with her and we will see what she remembers and still believes. She is the president of some little neighborhood club and gave us two references of people she wants us to visit. We didn't even ask her for references but she gave us names and addresses.

Today we went to Quinta Normal and visited the Museum of Natural History with Hermana Clark and Hermana Nunez.

Love you all!
Hermana Eva VanCott
Making good on a promise to the Cortes family for free ice cream on Fridays.
Bomberos de Calle Larga

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