Monday, November 17, 2014

One Year From Today...

17 November 2014

Guess what? One year from today I will be landing in the Salt Lake airport. Can you believe it? It hasn't been six months yet but the way transfers work this is the day I will return unless something changes. I'm especially excited because it is super hot here and thinking about how after this summer I get two winters in a row gives me a lot of hope.

Saturday night I had a dream that the bishop asked me to speak in church. When I got to the chapel on Sunday morning, the bishop asked me to speak in church. I was grateful for that dream because even though I didn't prepare a talk, I woke up thinking about it and had something to say. I felt prepared even though I didn't know I would be speaking. 

My companion's dream came true as well. She dreamed that there would be an earthquake and was pretty confident when she told me about it the next day. She had never experienced an earthquake before but we felt one last night. It was little and quite short. I'm learning to hear an earthquake before it starts. This is the first time that I knew it was coming before I felt the shaking. I'm not scared of earthquakes but even the little ones do make me feel quite helpless. 

We visited the Primary President to have lunch with her. She had asked us a while ago to help her learn how to study the scriptures so we spent some time talking about gospel study. I brought my study journal to show her and she wanted to create an index to organize topics like I do. I love studying and enjoyed sharing ideas with someone who has a real desire to use them. She received her patriarchal blessing recently so we also explained why lineage is important and talked about the Abrahamic covenant and the gathering of Israel.

We continue to create games for a little girl (recent convert) we are teaching because if we don't bring a game she won't let us in. We're running out of ideas but recently a less active woman told us about something she did with other missionaries. We brought packing tape and church magazines. You can put an image on the tape and soak it in water. When you peel of the paper it leaves a transparent image on the tape that you can put in scriptures. The little girl loved it and did some of her own after we left. The great thing is that she had to read some verses to decide where to put the sticker. Sneaky missionaries... She read the Book of Mormon this week!

I had an intercambio this week with Hermana Ward. She is so humble and testifies with the Spirit. I enjoyed teaching with her. She arrived one transfer after me and was in the MTC with Hermana Claire Forste! Hermana Nuñez stayed in Llay Llay with Hermana Rodriguez.

I hope you know that I'm praying for you and that other people in our ward and people that I teach often pray for the "missionaries' families." 

Hermana Eva VanCott

This says "World View for the Family" It's a church right next to our chapel. I think it's funny. World View vs. God's eternal view. We can hear them singing upbeat songs all through our sacrament meetings every week.

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