Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trilingual Transfer

24 August 2015
Dear family,

I loved spending Hermana Fullmer's last weeks with her and helping her check things off her bucket list of things to do and eat in Chile before returning home and taking pictures with people. On Friday she got to go to the temple with the group of missionaries returning home and I got to do an exchange in Hermana Duffy's sector in Independencia. Hermana Duffy is from my MTC group and is the "medica" of the mission because she already got her degree in nursing and worked at Primary Children's Hospital before starting her mission. She is really fun and I enjoyed spending the day with her. On the way to the mission office to pick up our companions, we got to walk through one of the largest cemeteries in South America. The mission office is in the metro station Cementerios and I had seen it from the outside but never before had the chance to enter and appreciate how large it is. Just think of all of those people in the Spirit World waiting for us to find their posterity here in Santiago. How many of them know that there is a temple a short distance away where their descendants can go and free them from spirit prison. How interesting.

Hermana Fullmer is now enjoying lunch with President and Sister Videla after interviews and will be flying home tonight. Our new members (if he can get out of work early) are going to send her off at the airport. In her luggage is a very late birthday gift for Kiera and some things to celebrate the 18th of September. Make sure you invite Hermana Fullmer because she has the party supplies ready!

I am back in Los Mares with a new companion, Hermana Souza, from Brazil. This is going to be a trilingual transfer. We have both been learning Spanish but now I have the opportunity to learn Portuguese and she wants to learn English. We are both really excited. There were changes in every companionship of sisters in our zone. Hermana Nuñez and Hermana Riveros are still in Curacavi (Hermana Souza was in a trio with them previously). I will get to know Hermana Smith who is now with Hermana Chavez and Hermana Acevedo (who is a chef!) who is with Hermana Verastegui. And Hermana Francis (who reminds me of Kiera) will be training a new missionary starting tomorrow and opening a new sector in the Curacavi ward. More sisters. More exchanges. This is going to be a fun transfer.

Our new members father went to church again although he still hasn't accepted an appointment for us to teach him. Keep him in your prayers. Our new member accompanied us to teach a lesson to a family who lives kitty-corner from us in our apartment. Previously she had said that she wanted to feel the Holy Ghost and that she hadn't felt a big difference since her confirmation. She shared her testimony and her conversion with them and afterward told us that she felt the Spirit. I am so glad that she was able to recognize it. She is very social. She knows everyone and gets along with everyone. She is going to be an instrument in the Lord's hands to help other people find and accept the gospel because of her personality and talents. President Videla gave us scripture markers to give members to mark their reading in the Book of Mormon and cross of the chapters. On the back are suggestions for sharing the gospel and helping in the work of salvation. As our new member read the suggestions she realized that she is already doing most of those things and it's true. New members have a lot of enthusiasm for the gospel. They can see the contrast in their lives and are motivated to share it.

Hermana Eva VanCott

The Santiago Temple

Cementerio General de Santiago

This is an image I wanted to capture of the mission. 
Hermana Fullmer asked to use the Pinterest exercises I have in my binder. 
I walked in and found her reading family history stories about William Jefferies, 
which are in the same binder, while doing plank exercises.
My new companion Hermana Souza

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